Bolt Tensioning

The most accurate solution for tightening a bolt

Atlas Copo supplies a wide range of bolt tensioners to suit a variety of applications and enviroments as well as tensioning pumps. From the standard CTST topside tensioner to the COMPACT-8 subsea tensioner we will have the tensioner to suit your application. We also offer customized solutions where you contact our team to get a solutions specially designed for your needs, and ensure you receive the best quality tool.

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Auto Retract Tensioners, Airbac product photo
Auto Retract Tensioners, AirbacExtremely fast and simple to use116 Models
Bolt tensioning accessories product photo
Bolt tensioning accessoriesComplete range of high quality and reliable accessories
Customized Solutions product photo
Customized SolutionsExtensive expertise in designing custom solutions for all types of applications
Hydraulic Nuts product photo
Hydraulic NutsVersatile Tensioning solution
Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps product photo
Hydraulic Tensioning PumpsIndustry proven reliable range of pump10 Models
Subsea tensioners, COMPACT-8 product photo
Subsea tensioners, COMPACT-8Minimum number of Tensioners covers full bolt range48 Models
Topside Tensioners, CTST product photo
Topside Tensioners, CTSTPowerful, economical and reliable118 Models
Wind Turbine Tensioners - WTB/WTF product photo
Wind Turbine Tensioners - WTB/WTFRobust, reliable with fail safe design14 Models