Workstation Accessories

Multiple options

Workstation accessories from Atlas Copco include a wide variety of products designed to guide and assist in production processes during assembly. Atlas Copco workstation accessories include stacklight...

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Unmatched user-friendliness

Workstation accessories are meant to facilitate and simplify the interactions between human and machine during production. Our IO devices, stacklights, operator panels, and selectors do just that, in a user-friendly way that anyone can understand. All accessories are plug-and-play with Atlas Copco controllers and easy to install and set-up.

Find the perfect workstation accessories for your application

Nearly all of the Atlas Copco workstation accessories have a wide selection of specific options to choose from. With all the different workstation accessories, and the possibility to combine them, you can find solutions for multiple applications and needs.


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IO Device Module Produktbild

IO Device Module

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Operator Panel Produktbild

Operator Panel

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Socket and bit selector Produktbild

Socket and bit selector

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Stacklights Produktbild


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